Three Qualities of Effective Teachers?

An effective teacher needs to have respect for the students, be able to engage and connect with the classroom and be passionate about teaching.

By respecting the students and asking the students to respect each other, the teacher can create a comfortable learning environment. Just like what Mr. Hewson did at the beginning of class yesterday, he made sure he learned the names of everyone in the class and that all the students knew each other’s names to quickly increase familiarity. He created a safe classroom where students can share their own thoughts and opinions of others.

Mr. Bergstrom from The Simpsons episode showed the importance of being able to engage and connect with the students. He quickly grabbed their attention with an interesting costume, but he truly engaged with the students by communicating with them. He was able to speak with the children on their level and most importantly, he listened. Later on in the episode he listened to Lisa’s unspoken need for a better male role model and inspired her to be herself and to keep learning.

Being passionate about teaching is another important quality of effective teachers. Most teachers are passionate about teaching, however they might not be passionate about the subjects they are asked to teach. And a teacher’s enthusiasm in class directly correlates with the students’ success. By loving what they teach and trying to find the joy in all their subjects, an effective teacher can stimulate student’s interests and excitement in any situation.

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